Miss Catherine M

Tutor in Church Stretton

Qualified teacher
Subject specialist
Enhanced DBS


BEd Cambridge University (1987). CELTA (1991).

About me

A qualified teacher with over 20 years experience in private and state schools and as a private tutor. Works with ages 4-44. Secondary specialist in English and humanities and to speakers of languages other than English. Professional with broad range of skills which enable her to support all students, including those with dyslexia. Significant experience online and with one to one tutoring. Good feedback from students and parents. Currently working online with various students primary and secondary and with adult EFL clients.

Subjects offered

Subject and level Price (Face-to-face) Price (Online)
11+ 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
13+ 13+ £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Functional Skills £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
English GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
Science Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Science GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Biology Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Classical Civilisation Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Classical Civilisation GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Classical Civilisation A-Level £53.30ph £53.30ph
English Language GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Language A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Literature GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Literature A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
French Conversational £48.00ph £42.00ph
French Primary £46.00ph £40.00ph
French Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
French GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
German Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Greek Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Greek GCSE £60.00ph £60.00ph
History Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
History GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
History A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
Latin Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Latin GCSE £53.30ph £53.30ph
Latin A-Level £60.00ph £60.00ph
Philosophy GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Philosophy A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
Religious Studies Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Religious Studies GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Religious Studies A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
School Entrance Exams 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
School Entrance Exams 13+ £48.00ph £42.00ph



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