Mr Daniel H

Tutor in Suffolk

Qualified teacher
Subject specialist
Enhanced DBS


PGCE English. BA (Hons) English and English Literature.

About me

Qualified English/ Maths tutor. Former Head of an English department. I have been rated `outstanding` by OFSTED and have numerous qualifications within the education sector, including a PGCE and senior leadership qualifications. I regularly facilitate teacher training events and have over 10 years of experience in the education sector. I will tailor any tuition to your specific needs, I am happy to set homework and mark any work that is completed, and you can contact me between sessions if you have any questions that you need help with. I have worked in 4 schools across Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. I have been KS3 coordinator and the Assistant Head of Sixth Form in my previous school, and have also held the position of the Head of English in a large secondary school for a number of years. I now do consultancy work in both primary and secondary schools, and tutor both online and in person.

Subjects offered

Subject and level Price (Face-to-face) Price (Online)
Primary Key Stage 2 £66.70ph £66.70ph
SATs Key Stage 2 £66.70ph £66.70ph
SEN Experienced £66.70ph £66.70ph
SEN Very experienced £66.70ph £66.70ph
11+ 11+ £66.70ph £66.70ph
13+ 13+ £66.70ph £66.70ph
English Functional Skills £66.70ph £66.70ph
English Key Stage 3 £66.70ph £66.70ph
English GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
English A-Level £80.00ph £66.70ph
Maths Functional Skills £66.70ph £66.70ph
Maths Key Stage 3 £60.00ph £60.00ph
Maths GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
Science Key Stage 3 £66.70ph £66.70ph
Science GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
Biology Key Stage 3 £66.70ph £66.70ph
Biology GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
Chemistry Key Stage 3 £66.70ph £66.70ph
Chemistry GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
EFL or ESL Primary £66.70ph £66.70ph
EFL or ESL Key Stage 3 £66.70ph £66.70ph
EFL or ESL GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
English Language GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
English Language A-Level £100.00ph £86.70ph
English Literature GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph
English Literature A-Level £100.00ph £86.70ph
School Entrance Exams 11+ £66.70ph £66.70ph
School Entrance Exams 13+ £66.70ph £66.70ph
Study Skills Primary £66.70ph £66.70ph
Study Skills Key Stage 3 £66.70ph £66.70ph
Study Skills GCSE £66.70ph £66.70ph

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