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Subjects 11+13+Common Entrance ExamsEnglishScienceBiologyChemistryEnglish LanguagePhilosophyPhysicsSchool Entrance ExamsUniversity Entrance
Key Stage 3
University level
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MEd, University of Bristol. BEd, University of Winchester. Certificate in Education, University of Birmingham.

About me

I am a former headteacher of two private and two state schools and was a founding director of a Free School in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have experience teaching across the age ranges [KS2-5] and have particular expertise in Biology & Chemistry. I have been teaching two home-educated students in preparation for their GCSE's and working with a number of Y5 & 6 students as they prepare for SAT Tests and/ or 11+ examinations for selective secondary schools. I have particular expertise in the both Oxbridge and US University SAT/ACT Tests and have been successful in helping students secure places at both IVY LEAGUE and other highly selective universities. I use a wide variety of teaching styles and materials and make my teaching personalised to the needs of the students. I am a founding member of the Chartered College of Teaching and a member of the American School Counsellors Association.

Subjects offered

Subject and level Price (Face-to-face) Price (Online)
11+ 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
13+ 13+ £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Functional Skills £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
English GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Science Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Science GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Biology Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Biology GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Chemistry Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Chemistry GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Language University level £50.00ph £44.00ph
Philosophy GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Physics Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Physics GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
School Entrance Exams 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
School Entrance Exams 13+ £48.00ph £42.00ph

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