Mrs Nicola B

Tutor in Long Melford

Qualified teacher
Subject specialist
Enhanced DBS
Subjects 11+PrimarySATsSchool Entrance ExamsSEN
Early Years Foundation Stage
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 1
Tuition tickFace to face tuition tickOnline tuition


PGCE Primary, Institute of Education. MA French and Linguistics, University of Edinburgh.

About me

With seven years of teaching experience, including two years of key stage two management and, more recently, a part-time role running intervention sessions and in-school tutoring for children from Year 1 - Year 6, I can offer targeted, impactful tutoring sessions for 5 to 11-year-olds. I love tutoring because it allows me to tailor sessions to an individual and watch them develop their understanding from them. I particularly love when you witness those 'lightbulb' moments when everything comes together for a child, and they start to link what you teach them to other areas of their learning. I pride myself on designing sessions which are fun and engaging, ensuring that students enjoy learning and are keen to continue their sessions. Communication is key for me. I like to get as much information about a child as possible, and I am scrupulous in reporting back what has been achieved.

Subjects offered

Subject and level Price (Face-to-face) Price (Online)
Primary Early Years Foundation Stage £46.00ph £40.00ph
Primary Key Stage 2 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SATs Key Stage 1 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SATs Key Stage 2 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SEN Experienced £46.00ph £40.00ph
11+ 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
School Entrance Exams 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph

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