Miss Efthymia Charikleia P

Qualified teacher
Subject specialist
Enhanced DBS
Subjects PrimarySATsSEN11+13+EnglishEFL or ESLEnglish LanguageEnglish Literature
Early Years Foundation Stage
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3
University level
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MA English Language Studies and Methods, University of Warwick. MA Autism in Children, University of Birmingham. CELTA, University of Warwick. BA Literature with QTS, University of Athens.

About me

Originally I am from Greece. I was born in Athens, the capital of Greece. I have worked for 16 years as an ESOL tutor in Athens, working with preschool, primary, adolescents and adults up to this date. My first degree is in literature from the University of Athens, obtained in 2007. I completed my master's at the University of Warwick in 2008, and since 2012, I have been working in Birmingham, West Midlands. In 2023, I completed my second master's in autism for children from the University of Birmingham. I have worked as a cover, supply, and teaching assistant in different schools. I have supported EAL (English as an Additional Language) and also SEN (Special Educational Needs) and have experience in a wide range of settings and age groups; I can be flexible and adaptable depending on the circumstances, situation and environment. I thrive in a multicultural and diverse environment.

Subjects offered

Subject and level Price (Face-to-face) Price (Online)
Primary Early Years Foundation Stage £46.00ph £40.00ph
Primary Key Stage 1 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Primary Key Stage 2 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SATs Key Stage 1 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SATs Key Stage 2 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SEN Experienced £46.00ph £40.00ph
11+ 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
13+ 13+ £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Functional Skills £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
English GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
English University level £50.00ph £44.00ph
EFL or ESL Primary £46.00ph £40.00ph
EFL or ESL Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
EFL or ESL GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
EFL or ESL A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Language GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Language A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Language University level £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Literature GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Literature A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Literature University level £50.00ph £44.00ph

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