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Because we only ever work with real UK teachers you will always get a highly experienced teacher who is safe, reliable and up to speed with the current curriculum and exam requirements. We vet all 20,000+ tutors, and they are all DBS checked.


Pair up and share the costs

Pair up with friends or other families to create a small tuition group of 2 or 3 or 4 children (no larger). Children should be of similar ages, abilities and ambitions. Easy set up for tuition fees to be shared automatically across your group. You can start and stop lessons, or change the size of your group, at any time. Learn more


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We're almost certain you will be happy with your choice of teacher, but if the first lesson is not a success, for whatever reason, you will not be charged for the lesson and we will immediately look to find you an alternative teacher.

A selection of tutors in Hereford

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Shuhara Z

Miss Shuhara Z

Hereford Tutor

Subjects taught:
PGCE Mathematics, Birmingham City University (2016). BSc (Hons) Mathematics, University of Birmingham (2015).
Valerie M

Mrs Valerie M

Hereford Tutor

Subjects taught:
Primary, SEN, SATs, English Language, English Literature, Common Entrance Exams
Mollie A

Miss Mollie A

Hereford Tutor

Subjects taught:
Primary, SEN, SATs, Homeschool, 11+, School Entrance Exams
PGDE Primary, Canterbury Christ Church (2021). Qualified Teacher Status (2019). BA (Hons) Criminology, University of Liverpool.
Gillian D

Mr Gillian D

Hereford Tutor

Subjects taught:
Further Maths
MBA Educational Management, University of Leicester (1995). PGCE Secondary Science, University of Warwick (1988). BSc (Hons) Engineering and Business Studies, University of Warwick (1987).
Isabella A

Miss Isabella A

Hereford Tutor

Subjects taught:
Primary, SEN, SATs
PGCE Primary, University of Nottingham. BA (Hons) Education, Culture and Childhood, University of Sheffield.

What families

  • 28th November 2023
    AGS developed an excellent tutoring relationship with my son, all delivered online, which ultimately led to him increasing his grade and securing a grade B at A-Level Business. I highly recommend him.

    Mr and Mrs Moore

    Year 13 son, A-Level Business (AQA) Tuition in Newbury
  • 28th November 2023
    Nichola is a very professional, helpful and pleasant tutor to work with. She understands the child's needs and then tailor the lessons accordingly. We have Nichola for two very different children, and she does justice to both of t ...

    Mrs Wahid

    Year 4 son and Year 5 daughter, Primary Tuition in Barry
  • 28th November 2023
    Bekki was amazing with my little girl. Extra phonics really helped her with her reading, and she loved the hourly lessons. Lots of fun games and very engaging. Would highly recommend

    Miss Anderson

    Year 2 daughter, Primary Tuition in Bury
  • 27th November 2023
    Julie has tutored two of our daughters for their 11+ tests in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning (including spatial reasoning) and maths. Julie provided them with solid techniques to enable them to answer questions quickly and ...

    Mrs King

    Year 9 and Year 6 daughters, 11+ Tuition in Kent
  • 27th November 2023
    BR did a great job of working with our son, boosting his science GCSE by two grades.

    Mrs James

    Year 11 son, GCSE Science Dual Award in Beaconsfield
  • 24th November 2023
    I highly recommend Neil, who has been tutoring my 14-year-old son, who has ADHD, in maths. In a short time frame, Neil has built a good rapport with my son and has a very kind, positive and encouraging approach. I have been so he ...

    Ms Moran

    Year 9 son , Maths Tuition in Santon Downham
  • 24th November 2023
    My daughter was smiling with enthusiasm and excitement after her lesson.

    Mrs Parker

    Year 5 daughter, 11+ Tuition in Folstone
  • 23rd November 2023
    SH has been extremely wonderful and has helped explain concepts in a way my child understood and could retain. Thank you so much.

    Mr and Mrs Bruce

    Year 5 daughter, Primary Tuition in Blackheath
  • 23rd November 2023
    Deb has privately tutored my daughter for Psychology A Level (AQA) for the past year. We have always found her extremely professional and knowledgeable in her subject area and the associated exams. She was good at giving abstract ...

    Mrs Federer

    Year 13 daughter, A-Level Psychology (AQA) Tuition in Nuneaton
  • 23rd November 2023
    EB has been supporting my daughter for almost two years now. My daughter loves her weekly sessions as she makes them fun and engaging. My daughter is gaining confidence all the time and has made massive progress. Emma's communicat ...

    Mrs Huffinley

    Year 4 daughter, Primary Tuition in Magor
  • 22nd November 2023
    We cannot recommend Clare highly enough. We feel very grateful to have found such a great tutor fully invested in our young person’s progress in chemistry A-Level. Clare is clearly very dedicated and experienced, with outstandin ...

    Mr D

    Year 12 daughter, A-Level Chemistry (OCR) Tuition in Chilbolton
  • 22nd November 2023
    We have been learning French with JP for the last five years. Since the beginning, we have seen steady progress with our ability all overseen by Jonathan. He is always patient and encouraging and pushes us each lesson to improve, ...

    Mr and Mrs Gallagher

    Adult Learners, French Tuition in Brimingham
  • 22nd November 2023
    I would strongly recommend ST as a tutor. She can explain maths in a fun and easily understandable way and her lessons are very well organised.

    Mr Lothian

    Year 8 son, KS3 Maths Tuition in Plymouth
  • 21st November 2023
    The boys said the lessons were really useful and enjoyed their lessons. They are looking forward to their next one. Thank you.

    Mr and Mrs Hatton

    Year 6 and Year 4 sons, Primary Tuition in Cardiff
  • 21st November 2023
    My son has health problems, including deafness, but no learning issues. Mrs F was the most amazing teacher who was never too busy to talk things through. She encouraged my son, and his confidence and academic levels increased over ...

    Mr and Mrs Duckworth

    Year 7 son, SEN Tuition in Eastbourne
  • 21st November 2023
    James is kind and made M feel at ease even though she is quite a nervous student. M liked him and enjoyed her lessons. James found interesting tasks to engage her to encourage her to speak and improve her English. We were very ple ...

    Mr and Mrs Sufi

    Year 4 daughter, Primary Tuition in Chalfont Saint Giles
  • 21st November 2023
    We couldn’t be happier with JG. She takes the time to really get to know the child. She finds their weaknesses and strengths, builds their confidence and improves their skills and understanding quickly. Would recommend without a ...

    Dr Andrews

    Year 5 daughter, 11+ Tuition in Kent
  • 20th November 2023
    Vikki was very responsive to our enquiry, proactive about sorting out work and enthusiastic.

    Mr Millington

    Year 13 son, A-Level Further Maths (AQA) Tuition in Huntingdon
  • 20th November 2023
    JP is an excellent teacher and tutor. He has outstanding knowledge of his subject areas.

    Mrs Harding

    Year 10 son, GCSE Maths (AQA) Tuition in Southampton
  • 20th November 2023
    We have used Rikie as a History tutor for our daughter over the past couple of months as we wanted to improve her grade in a subject she was struggling with at GCSE. We are already seeing improvement in confidence and grades and a ...

    Mr and Mrs Acton

    Year 11 daughter, GCSE Hisory (AQA) Tuition in Bristol
  • 17th November 2023
    JB has worked with both of my children over the last year. Her support has been exceptional. Her explanations are clear, the pace of learning is swift without feeling rushed and both children made notable progress during the weekl ...

    Mrs Leadsom

    Year 6 son and Year 5 daughter, Primary Tuition in Altrincham
  • 17th November 2023
    Ginny came and did phonics sessions with our 5-year-old son. Our son really enjoyed the sessions and would ask if it was ‘Ginny day’ each week. The one-to-one sessions really helped him, and we have definitely seen an improvem ...

    Mrs Devlin

    Reception son, Primary Tuition in Southampton
  • 17th November 2023
    I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. My daughter went from "I'm not good at Maths" to "I love Maths" in a matter of weeks. The encouragement and confidence that Paul has given her has been amazing, and someth ...

    Mrs Bilal

    Year 9 daughter, Maths Tuition in Stevenage
  • 16th November 2023
    My daughter will start Y6. B has been her tutor since Y2, and she is an amazing, caring and lovely tutor, very well-prepared to help with any subject. She has been not only key to boosting my daughter's confidence and learning, bu ...

    Mr and Mrs Phillips-Jenkins

    Year 6 daughter, Primary Tuition in Kidlington
  • 16th November 2023
    I would highly recommend Mrs M. She is always prepared for the session. Using various resources, she has been levelling up my son's English with a positive outcome. Every lesson is different and very interesting, which helps with ...

    Mrs Plant

    Year 6 son, Primary Tuition in Leeds
  • 15th November 2023
    Richard is excellent. Calm, patient, skilled and very prepared for every lesson. I think it says it all that after our son had had a couple of sessions, we asked him to start working with our daughter, too. We're genuinely delight ...

    Mrs Lee

    Year 10, GCSE Computer Science (Edexcel) Tuition in Cheltenham
  • 15th November 2023
    Jenna is wonderful with my daughter. She has done nothing short of a miracle. Jenna's methods are creative, engaging, with interactive materials and adapted to my daughter's SEN needs. Thank you for your hard work.

    Ms Dias

    Year 7 daughter, SEN Tuition in Sedgefield
  • 15th November 2023
    We were very impressed with Ms Penny's dedication and commitment to her tutoring. She engaged well with our child and applied various teaching strategies to ensure a good understanding. She was also very pleasant to communicate ...

    Mrs Li

    Year 3 son, EFL Tuition in Brighton
  • 14th November 2023
    Afiya is a skilled tutor. She has really helped motivate my son. I am seeing a growth in his confidence. I would highly recommend her.

    Mrs Austin

    Year 13 son, A-Level Economics (OCR) Tuition in Halesowen
  • 14th November 2023
    Above and beyond our expectations! Wendy went to great lengths to inspire our child when support was needed pre-Year 6 SATs. Clear lesson structure, repetition and her consistent approach to higher-order learning made my child gro ...

    Mrs Symes

    Year 6 daughter, Primary and SATs Tuition in Milton Keynes
  • 14th November 2023
    An outstanding tutor who really inspired and helped my son to achieve his grades.

    Mr Holt

    Year 11 son, GCSE Maths (Edexcel) Tuition in Walsall
  • 13th November 2023
    Fiona has only worked with my child for a short time, but her teaching method was really valuable. She was very informative and helped my child make simple steps to improve his work. She provided positive and constructive feed bac ...

    Mrs Munro

    Year 11 son, GCSE English Language and Literature (AQA) Tuition in Bath
  • 13th November 2023
    An excellent tutor who is very flexible and accommodating.

    Mrs Lightfoot

    Year 10 son, GCSE English Language and Literature (Edexcel) in Solihull
  • 10th November 2023
    MM tutored my son primarily in English for one academic year. Marti's main brief was to try and revitalise my son's love for learning, specifically reading and writing. To this end, MM was hugely successful and completely turned t ...

    Mr and Mrs Sandford

    Year 8 son, KS3 English Tuition in Edgbaston
  • 10th November 2023
    TM tutors my daughter and we find her very patient and helpful with our requests. An excellent tutor and very imaginative in keeping her engaged.

    Dr Kelshaw

    Year 6 daughter, Primary and SATs Tuition in Tonbridge
  • 10th November 2023
    We have seen an immediate impact on our child's attitude and confidence in maths. TM has a child-centred and enthusiastic approach.

    Mrs Patil

    Year 5 son, 11+ Tuition in Bexley

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How are Hereford schools performing?

We connect you to the best teachers who work across several of the best primary and secondary schools in Hereford (some detailed below). This means we can reliably provide you with a local and experienced tutor that fits your needs.

Hereford primary school performance:

The Hereford area has 16 primary schools (one of the top being Marlbrook Primary School with 23% of pupils achieving at a higher standard).

From their latest Oftsed report:
“Children achieve extremely well in both the Nursery and Reception classes because teaching and the quality of care and welfare support are outstanding. Children start school with skills that are much lower than those found typically, especially in language and literacy and social development. They make excellent progress from these very low starting points and standards rise to just below average levels by the start of Year 1. Children do especially well in personal, social and emotional development because of the high expectations of all adults.”

The Hereford local authority has an average of 69% of students meeting the expected standards in reading, writing, and maths at primary school age (vs England's average of 65%). And has an average of 12% achieving higher standard (vs England's average of 11%).


Hereford secondary school performance:

The Hereford area has 8 secondary schools (one of the top being The Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School with 50% of pupils achieving grade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSEs).

From their latest Oftsed report:
“Most-able pupils are not making good enough progress. Too much of these pupils’ learning is not sufficiently interesting or demanding.”

The Hereford local authority has an average of 40% of students achieving grade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSEs (vs England's average of 43%). And has an average of 95% of students either staying in education or entering employment after GCSEs (vs England's average of 94%).

Hereford Ofsted ratings:

66% of Hereford schools have received at least a 'Good' Ofsted rating, with 6 schools receiving an 'Outstanding' rating in their last evaluation.

Source: Gov.UK Website

Find a Tutor in Hereford

Teachers To Your Home specialises in connecting you to local Hereford-based teachers. We provide tutoring for all subjects and ages, but have the most experience and teachers in the following subject areas:

Tuition with a qualified teacher at your home in Hereford costs £46ph. Online tuition with a qualified teacher costs from £40ph. Create your own small tuition group in Hereford and tuition costs from £17.50 ph.

Because we only ever work with qualified and experienced teachers in Hereford, you will always get a highly experienced teacher who is safe, reliable and up to speed with the current curriculum and exam requirements. There is no excellent learning without excellent teaching, and our teachers are expected to teach in a way that inspires and motivates. We have over 20,000 talented teachers providing tuition, chosen for their broad range of experience, professionalism, academic specialisms, passion, and dedication to their students. We only ever offer qualified teachers as tutors, as we believe professional teachers provide the highest quality of tuition.

Home Tuition: Involves a teacher coming to your home in Hereford to provide one-on-one instruction. This offers convenience as you don't need to travel. Online Tuition: This can take place anywhere with an internet connection. Small Group Tuition: Typically with between 2 to 4 children, and often occurs in a physical location such as your home, though it can also be online.

Individual Attention
Home Tuition: Offers the highest level of individual attention, as the tutor focuses solely on one student. Online Tuition: Still allows for one-to-one attention, but it may be slightly less personal than home tuition due to potential distractions. Small Group Tuition: Offers less individual attention as the tutor must divide their time and attention among multiple students.

Home Tuition: This tends to be more expensive because it involves one-on-one teaching, and the tutor is required to travel to your home, in Hereford. Online Tuition: Often more affordable than home tuition as your tutor does not need to travel but may still cost more than small group tuition. Small Group Tuition: Generally, this is the most cost-effective option, as the costs are shared among several families.

Home Tuition: Offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and curriculum, as your tutor will only be working with your child. Online Tuition: Provides flexibility in terms of location and may offer a wider selection of tutors. Small Group Tuition: Lessons will be more difficult to schedule as lesson times will have to fit in with other families.

Home Tuition: Offers in-person interaction, which can be beneficial for students who learn better through face-to-face communication. Online Tuition: Provides interaction through video conferencing tools and chat, which can be engaging but may not suit everyone's learning style. Small Group Tuition: Allows for peer interaction, which can benefit collaborative learning and discussions.

The choice between home, online, or small group tuition in Hereford depends on your preferences, budget, and the student's specific educational needs. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, so it's essential to consider these factors when deciding.