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High-quality Portuguese tuition in Windsor, available face-to-face or online at your home. Our tutors are exclusively qualified Portuguese teachers, ensuring they are experienced, reliable, and up-to-date. We provide safe and relevant education for children of all ages, covering all academic subjects for Primary, SEN, 11+, GCSE and A-Level.

Online Portuguese tutors available for you in Windsor

Gabriela B
£40.00 to £48.00 ph

Online Portuguese Tutor

Hello :) I have years of experience in teaching and as a private tutor. Qualified to teach Maths, Physics and conversational Portuguese since I am Portuguese. Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. Offers preparation for SATs, 11+, Scholarship and School Entrance Exams. SEN experience.
Subjects taught:
PGCE Mathematics. PGCE Physics. CE Luiz de Camoes.
Ruben C
£40.00 to £48.00 ph

Online Portuguese Tutor

I am a qualified and experienced teacher of European Portuguese with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I have both classroom and online teaching experience, and I can work both with single individuals and large groups. My main teaching group are adults both with previous language learning experience and without it. I have a background in Applied Linguistics and am fluent in several languages. My experience as a lifelong language learner informs my approach to foreign language teaching. I can understand the anxiety and expectations of adult language learning and thus prepare classes that promote a relaxed learning environment whilst developing fluency and knowledge of grammatical structures. I aim to help students achieve their learning objectives swiftly and comprehensively with lasting results.
Subjects taught:
MA International and Intercultural Communication, Birkbeck, University of London (2021). MA Applied Linguistics, University of Lisbon (2012). BA Portuguese Language and Literature, University of Lisbon (2009).
Richard A
£40.00 to £48.00 ph

Online Portuguese Tutor

Qualified and experienced Primary Teacher with over 17 years primary teaching experience, I am able to help students in Year 5 prepare for Year 6 and make progress with their maths, English, reading and writing. I am based in Peterborough. I taught Year 6 for three years and specialsied in teaching maths to higher achieving children. I assist high achieving children to receive top grades in SATs as well as in the 11+ exam for which I am a specialist. I have a range of prepared materials but also can discuss with parents the approach they would like me to adopt with their child. I am available to teach during the summer holidays.
Subjects taught:
PGCE Primary, Middlesex University (2006). BA (Hons) English Language and Literature, Goldsmith's College, University of London (2004).

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Rocio C
£40.00 to £48.00 ph

Online Portuguese Tutor

Hi, I have been learning and teaching languages from an early age - six languages in total. Over the past twenty years, I have taught thousands of students as a private tutor. here in the UK and abroad. Having been an examiner enables me to understand what is expected of students to succeed. The past two decades have helped me become a well-rounded tutor who adapts to the needs of each individual and no two classes are the same. If you wish to learn or Improve Spanish, Portuguese, or English for Foreigners (EFL, ESL Cambridge), I would be delighted to help you in this journey. Furthermore, I teach all UK examination boards, as well as Cambridge and DELE. 2017 - To Date Member of the Institute of Linguists (IOL).
Subjects taught:
PGCE Modern Foreign Languages, John Moore\'s University, Liverpool (2004). French Extension Course Certification, French Academy, Paris, France. BA (Joint Hons) University of Manchester (1997). Exchange Linguistics Programme. Universidade de Campinas, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Denise B
£40.00 to £48.00 ph

Online Portuguese Tutor

I'm Brazilian. I have a Masters in Technological Education with 18 years of experience in education. I have a varied experience with teaching: I've worked with kindergarten, and primary school, guiding teachers and students in secondary and high school, also, with children with learning disabilities.
Subjects taught:
Master in Technological Education, Institute Federal of Amazon (2019). Pedagogue, University of Amazon (2010).

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Tuition with a qualified Portuguese teacher at your home in Windsor costs from £46.00 ph. Online tuition with a qualified Portuguese teacher costs from £40.00 ph. Create your own small tuition group and Portuguese tuition costs from £17.50 ph.

Because we only ever work with qualified and experienced Portuguese teachers in Windsor, you will always get a highly experienced teacher who is safe, reliable and up to speed with the current curriculum and exam requirements. There is no excellent learning without excellent teaching, and our Portuguese teachers are expected to teach in a way that inspires and motivates. We have over 20,000 talented teachers providing tuition, chosen for their broad range of experience, professionalism, academic specialisms, passion, and dedication to their students. We only ever offer qualified teachers as tutors, as we believe professional teachers provide the highest quality of tuition.

Home Tuition: Involves a Portuguese tutor coming to your home in Windsor to provide one-on-one instruction. This offers convenience as you don't need to travel. Online Tuition: This can take place anywhere with an internet connection. Small Group Tuition: Typically with between 2 to 4 children, and often occurs in a physical location such as your home, though it can also be online.

Individual Attention
Home Tuition: Offers the highest level of individual attention, as the Portuguese tutor focuses solely on one student. Online Tuition: Still allows for one-to-one attention, but it may be slightly less personal than home tuition due to potential distractions. Small Group Tuition: Offers less individual attention as the Portuguese tutor must divide their time and attention among multiple students.

Home Tuition: This tends to be more expensive because it involves one-on-one teaching, and the Portuguese tutor is required to travel to your home, in Windsor. Online Tuition: Often more affordable than home tuition as your Portuguese tutor does not need to travel but may still cost more than small group tuition. Small Group Tuition: Generally, this is the most cost-effective option, as the costs are shared among several families.

Home Tuition: Offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and curriculum, as your Portuguese tutor will only be working with your child. Online Tuition: Provides flexibility in terms of location and may offer a wider selection of Portuguese tutors. Small Group Tuition: Lessons will be more difficult to schedule as lesson times will have to fit in with other families.

Home Tuition: Offers in-person interaction, which can be beneficial for students who learn better through face-to-face communication. Online Tuition: Provides interaction through video conferencing tools and chat, which can be engaging but may not suit everyone's learning style. Small Group Tuition: Allows for peer interaction, which can benefit collaborative learning and discussions.

The choice between home, online, or small group Portuguese tuition in Windsor depends on your preferences, budget, and the student's specific educational needs. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, so it's essential to consider these factors when deciding.
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