Do Your Eyes Shine?

Last Updated: 21 Sep 23
Young boy whose eyes are shining.

Isn't it wonderful when you meet someone whose eyes shine? You don't often meet them, but when you do, they have a real impact. When you are with them, when you talk with them, you can see something wonderful, deep in their eyes ... a sort of light, an energy, an excitement, a joyfulness … they have eyes that are shining, sparkling.

Shiny-eyed people have a presence. They often draw the gaze of all in the room because everyone enjoys being around them, everyone wants to be near them ... because we all know, don't we, that shiny eyes are infectious. If we stay close to shining eyes long enough … our own eyes begin to shine too.

Isn't this our purpose ... to make sure that our children's eyes shine ... that our families' eyes shine ... that our friend's eyes shine ... that our own eyes shine? Even more so in the particularly gloomy and depressing world of today.

So, if this is our purpose, how do we make eyes shine? How do we keep them shining?

  • Our eyes shine when we have done something well and when we are recognised for doing so.
  • Our eyes shine when we learn and suddenly understand something new ... and which has value.
  • Our eyes shine when we know that there is an opportunity and some excitement ahead.
  • Our eyes shine when we feel inspired and topped up.
  • Our eyes shine when we give something to someone ... or when we laugh ... long and loud with our friends … or when we love ... or when we are loved.

Who are we being ... as parents, as friends, as teachers, as children ... if eyes are not shining?

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