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Last Updated: 01 Mar 24
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Please explore these resources that can provide a wide range of opportunities for your children. Whether through literature, science or exploration of the arts, these free resources cater for different abilities, interests and learning styles ... from Primary through to A-Level.

1. Maths Factor, created by Carol Vorderman, provides free online maths lessons and activities. Tailored to different age groups and aligned with the UK curriculum.

2. PhonicsPlay focuses on phonics learning with interactive games and resources. Ideal for early years and primary school children learning to read.

3. National Literacy Trust offers a variety of free resources, including reading challenges, book lists, and literacy activities. Supports parents in promoting literacy at home.

4. Tate Kids The Tate Art Museum's website for children features interactive art games and creative activities. Inspires creativity and an appreciation for art.

5. Literacy Shed provides free literacy resources, including writing prompts and storytelling videos. Supports English language development through engaging content.

6. BBC Bitesize is a comprehensive resource covering a wide range of subjects for different age groups. Includes interactive lessons, videos, and quizzes aligned with the UK curriculum.

7. STEM Learning provides free STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) resources for students and parents. Supports hands-on learning and exploration in these subjects.

8. Numbots is a free online platform designed to develop children's numeracy skills through games. Suitable for early years and primary school children.

9. The Historical Association offers free resources for teaching and learning history at the primary level. Includes activities, lesson plans, and interactive materials

10. Project Gutenberg offers over 60,000 free eBooks, including many classic literary works. Parents can access a wide range of reading materials to build their children's reading lists.

11. Librivox provides free audiobooks of public domain works, allowing children to listen to classic literature. Enhances literacy skills and promotes a love for storytelling.

12. The Khan Academy delivers free online lessons and practice exercises in subjects like maths, science, economics, and more. Parents can use it as a supplemental resource to reinforce classroom learning.

13. CommonLit offers a collection of free reading passages, literary texts, and supplemental resources. Parents can find texts that align with different reading levels and topics.

14. OpenStax provides free, peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks suitable for various subjects and grade levels. It is ideal for older students who may need additional resources for their studies.

15. National Geographic Kids features educational games, videos, and articles on science, geography, and animals. Engages children with interactive content while fostering a love for exploration.

16. Storyline Online showcases videos of well-known actors reading children's books aloud. It helps develop listening skills and encourages a love for literature.

17. Bookshare provides free access to audiobooks and e-books for individuals with print disabilities. Suitable for children who may benefit from alternative formats due to disabilities.

18. Code.org introduces children to coding through free online courses and activities. Promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

19. Google Arts and Culture allows virtual exploration of art collections, historical landmarks, and cultural exhibits. Enhances children's understanding of art, history, and world cultures.

20. TED-Ed features a collection of free educational videos and lessons on a wide range of topics. Encourages critical thinking and exploration of new ideas.

We hope you find some of this useful! 

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