The primary school curriculum. A guide for parents.

Last Updated: 18 May 24
Three Year 5 school boys working in a classroom.

The national curriculum outlines what a child should learn and know by the end of each school year. It also contains lots of information for parents and teachers on effectively delivering this and checking a child's progress in each major area and subject.

Download your national curriculum guides for the primary years

Working with our primary teachers, we have summarised this year's curriculum for each primary year group into handy PDF checklists that you can use throughout the year, view, download or print them using the links below

Our exam library also contains past papers for Key Stage 1 and 2, 11+, and scholarship exams.

Having a good grasp of your child's curriculum for the year will definitely help you better understand what they are doing in school, where they may need help, and what to talk about around the dinner table.

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