It is estimated that a quarter of parents in the UK employ a tutor for their child at some stage of their school career. Possible reasons for considering getting a tutor:

  • In Year 2, to ensure your child is ready for KS1 SATs or assessments for prep school.
  • In Years 4 or 5, to prepare your child for 11+ Entrance Exams for the local Grammar School or Year 7 Entrance Exams for selective Independent Schools. Most grammar schools (and some independents) test English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • In Year 6, to strengthen English, Maths and Science skills, ahead of KS2 SATs examinations, which often determine the sets your child will start in at their Secondary School in Year 7.
  • In Years 7 and 8, to prepare your child for Common Entrance Exams or 13 + Grammar School Entrance Exams.
  • In Years 10 or 11, to support a difficult GCSE subject.
  • In Years 12 and 13, to ensure A-Level grades are on track to meet UCAS offers.
  • In all year groups, to improve schoolwork following a dip in grades in a school report.
  • In all year groups, to put your child back on track after a weak mock or exam result.
  • In all year groups, following any absence from school, perhaps due to a prolonged illness or unexpected family difficulty.
  • In all year groups, when your child has a suspected or diagnosed specific learning difficulty.

Read more about the benefits of one-to-one tuition here.

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