Tutors are generally hired to improve academic performance, but they are responsible for much more: 

1. A tutor can focus on the specific subjects and areas that your child may be struggling with. At school, a teacher can only give limited individual attention to each student, as there is limited classroom time available, and the teacher must meet the needs of the whole teaching group.

2. There are fewer distractions if your child is learning in a home setting, with little noise or distractions from classmates, which can often impact your child's concentration and performance. 

3. A tutor can quickly gauge your child's current achievement, future potential and learning style and will be able to adapt their teaching to bring the greatest benefit.

4. A tutor can provide academic challenges for your child if they do not find this at their school. This can enthuse and invigorate learning and enjoyment for a particular subject, infecting other areas of their school life.

5. A tutor can offer academic support to your child if they have missed out on some of their learning, whether through illness, absence, a lack of understanding at school ... or a lack of effort. A short, direct and intensive course of lessons can profoundly impact your child's performance and confidence.

6. A tutor can help develop your child's confidence in a subject. The more confident a child feels with their schoolwork, the more they can develop and progress their skills and knowledge.

7. A tutor can help your child develop the right exam technique to perform to their full potential in an exam situation. Often, children need a lot of practice doing trial exam papers with a tutor alongside helping them be precise and concise, spot the traps that are set, organise their timings, etc...

8. If your child is shy, they will often not ask questions in the classroom. In one-on-one teaching, your child will feel more able to ask questions when unsure of a concept.

9. If your child is struggling with homework from school, a tutor can provide support to help them with this. If your child is not receiving enough homework from school to consolidate their learning, the tutor can provide this.

10. Regular lessons with a tutor will help a disorganised child begin to focus on their work, with the responsibility that they will have to be ready for the next lesson. Once momentum builds, your child will begin to feel less anxious and more enjoyable as they sense that they are making progress.

Teachers To Your Home proves to be an invaluable resource for parents in search of qualified tutors. The platform connects parents with experienced tutors specialising in various subjects and age groups. This ensures that the tutoring is tailored to the specific needs of the child, aligning with their school curriculum and individual learning pace.

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