Are tutors good for students?

Does my child need a tutor?
How can a slow learner learn fast?
How can a weak student be improved?
How do I help my child catch up in school?
How do I know if my child needs a tutor?
How do you help a struggling student in the classroom?
How do you motivate a lazy child in school?
How do you teach a child that doesn't want to learn?
Should I get my child a tutor?
Should I hire a tutor for my child?
Should I tutor my child?
Should kids study after school?
What Does a Tutor Do?
What parents want from tutors?
Why do children need tutoring?
How many types of tuition are there?
Are private tutors worth it?
How do I choose a tutor?
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Can I use childcare vouchers?
At what age can you start tutoring?
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Are SATs and 11+ the same?
Do grammar schools do 13 +?
How can I find a good English tutor?
Are maths tutors in demand?
Can you get a 9 in Combined Science?
Are GCSEs worth retaking?
How do I find a good A-Level tutor?
Are homeschoolers socially awkward?
A guide to your introductory call
How to become a tutor
Why do parents employ private tutor for their children?
Why get a tutor?
Is a tutor the same as a teacher?
Is online tutoring worth it?
One-to-one or group tuition?
What are the benefits of group tutoring?
What are the benefits of one-on-one tutoring?
What are the disadvantages of online tutoring?
What are the qualities of a good tuition centre?
What is a private tutor?
What is small group tutoring?
What is the purpose of a tutor?
What is the purpose of one-to-one learning?
Which is better, face-to-face or online tuition?
Why is in-person tutoring better than online?
Are tutors good for students?
Can tutors help with exams?
Does tutoring actually help?
Does tutoring improve grades?
Is a tutor worth it for your child?
Is it good to have a tutor?
What are the benefits of home tuition?
What are the negatives of tutoring?
What is the advantage of tuition?
Why is private tutoring good?
How do I find a good private tutor?
How do I find a tutor ?
How do I find the right tutor for my child?
How do students find tutors?
How should parents select a tutor?
How would you select a tutor?
How would you select an online tutor?
What is the best way to find a tutor?
What tutors are most in demand?
Can anyone be a tutor?
Do I need a qualified teacher as my tutor?
Does a tutor need to be a teacher?
How do I know if a tutor is good?
Should I get a qualified teacher for tuition?
What makes a good home tutor?
What makes a successful tutor?
What qualities do good tutors have?
What should I ask a potential tutor?
What should I look for when hiring a tutor?
What skills should a tutor have?
How much do tutors charge?
How much does a private tutor cost UK?
How much is a tutor per hour?
How much should I spend on a tutor?
Is online tutoring cheaper?
What do private tutors charge UK?
Why is tutoring so expensive?
Can you get a tutor for a 4 year old?
What age should you start tutoring?
What age to start private tuition?
What is a good age for a tutor?
How long should a tutoring session last?
How much tuition and how often?
How much tuition do I need?
How often should I use a tutor?
How often should my child be tutored?
Is tutoring once a week effective?
Do tutors need a DBS
How do I keep my child safe when using a tutor
What are the main areas of risk when tutoring online
What is safeguarding?
How do you motivate students in primary school?
How much do primary school tutors charge?
Should I get a tutor for SATs?
What do primary tutors do?
What is phonics tuition?
Does tutoring help dyslexia?
How can a tutor help with dyslexia?
How can I help my child with anxiety at school?
How can I help my child with SEN?
How can you help learners with difficulties?
How much do dyslexia tutors charge?
What do you do when your child is having a hard time at school?
What is ABA tutoring?
What is SEN tutor?
What is the best way to teach someone with autism?
What is tuition for special needs child?
What tuition for ADHD child?
What tuition for autistic child?
Why is my child so far behind in school?
Can an average child pass the 11+?
Can you pass 11+ without tuition?
Do I need a tutor for the 11+ Exam?
Do schools still do 11 Plus?
How do I get into grammar school?
How do I know if my child should sit the 11 plus?
How do I prepare for the 11+ exam?
How hard is it to get into grammar school?
How many hours should I tutor for 11+?
Is it better to go to a grammar school?
What age to start tutoring for the 11+?
What date is the 11+ exam 2023?
What is the pass mark for 11 plus in Birmingham?
When should you start tutoring for 11+?
Which is harder GL or CEM?
Do private schools have an entrance exam?
How do I prepare for a 13+ exam?
How do I prepare for high school entrance exams?
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How do I choose a good English tutor?
How do I find a local English tutor?
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How much is an English tutor?
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How much do private maths tutors cost?
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How much is a maths tutor per hour UK?
How much is a Maths tutor?
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What happens if you fail GCSE Maths?
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How do I find a local Science tutor?
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Is Triple Science harder than Double Science?
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Are IGCSEs harder than normal GCSEs?
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Can I resit my GCSEs at any time?
Can I resit my GCSEs from home?
Can you pay to resit GCSE exams?
Can you sit a GCSE exam online?
Can you sit a GCSE exam without doing course?
Can you take GCSEs privately?
Do private schools charge for GCSE exams?
Do you need a tutor for GCSEs?
Does tutoring help for GCSE?
How do I write my GCSE exams privately?
How many times can you resit GCSE?
How much does it cost to resit a GCSE?
How much revision should a Year 11 do?
Is it hard to get all 9s in GCSE?
Is it too late to start revising for GCSEs?
Is it worth getting a tutor for GCSE?
Should I get a tutor for GCSE?
What happens if you fail your GCSEs?
What is the cost of a GCSE exam?
What to do if you have no GCSEs?
When can I retake my GCSEs?
Where do GCSE resits take place?
Where do I find a good GCSE tutor?
How much do A-Level tutors charge?
Where do I find a good A-Level tutor?
Can I remove my child from school UK?
Can you get funding for homeschooling UK?
Do homeschooled students perform better UK?
Do I have to register to homeschool?
Does homeschooling help anxiety?
How are home schooled students tested UK?
How do homeschoolers have friends?
How do homeschoolers take GCSEs?
How does homeschooling work?
How expensive is homeschooling?
How many hours for homeschooling?
How much does a homeschool teacher cost UK?
How much does homeschooling cost?
Is home tutoring better than school?
Is homeschooling regulated UK?
What are the disadvantages of being homeschooled?
What is the success rate of homeschooling?
What subjects do you have to teach for homeschooling?
How to become a tutor with Teachers To Your Home

Are tutors good for students?

Tutors can be very beneficial for students. They can provide individualised attention tailored to the student's specific needs and learning style. Tutors can help students overcome difficulties and reinforce their understanding of subjects. They can also help students improve their grades and test scores, and increase their confidence in their abilities. Additionally, tutors can provide motivation and support, and help students stay on track and achieve their academic goals.

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What families

  • 3rd October 2023
    Emma is an excellent tutor who just did a couple of sessions with my son to help prepare for an exam. My son found her teaching to be very helpful.

    Mrs Barnes

    Year 11 son, GCSE English Language and Litertaure (Edexcel) Tuition in West Kirby
  • 3rd October 2023
    Amazing support for my son for his GSCE. She helped him build confidence and he did really great with her guidance.

    Mrs Marinova

    Year 11 son, GCSE English Language and Literature (AQA) Tuition in London
  • 3rd October 2023
    Nobody quite managed to make my daughter feel as empowered and confident as Mr F did. We are huge fans of his approach to tutoring.

    Mrs Anna S

    Year 6 daughter, School Entrance Exam Tuition in Cheltenham
  • 3rd October 2023
    We are very grateful to Paul, who has helped our daughter (Y9) become confident in Science (Chemistry, Physics) quickly. It is lovely to hear her hear her say that she is now understanding the subject. Paul is an experienced, professional tutor, and we are going to stay with him until GCSE for sure!


    Year 9 daughter, Science Tuition in Bristol
  • 2nd October 2023
    Fabulous tutor. Mr Rush has really taken care to get to know our child over the last 3 years and has helped to improve his confidence and learning. Thank you so much.

    Mrs Apperley

    Year 6 son, 11+ Tuition in Gloucester
  • 2nd October 2023
    Tina has tutored my daughter for the past 12 months. She has a wonderful approach to tutoring and is kind, caring and always patient. Tina has effectively taught my daughter maths and comprehension this past year. She consistently provides new material to work with and ensures my daughter fully understands the topics covered before moving on. My daughter has blossomed after a year of tuition; there has been a noticeable difference in her academic ability at home and in school, which we believe is the result of Tina's support over the last 12 months.

    Mrs Johnson

    Year 5 daughter, Primary Tuition in Bicester
  • 2nd October 2023
    I can highly recommend Andy as a science tutor. Andy helped my daughter greatly improve her final GCSE grade in Science. Andy is intelligent, capable and extremely patient. He has a lovely way of remaining positive during a lesson and never makes the student feel inadequate He is very encouraging and genuinely cares about the student. My daughter always looked forward to her online lesson and they got on really well.

    Mrs Ruvalcaba

    Year 11 daughter. GCSE Triple Science (Edexcel) Tuition in Old Harlow
  • 2nd October 2023
    Paul has been teaching GSCE physics to my 9-year-old son for the past few months. My son is autistic and academically gifted. Paul has been able to engage well with him. Paul is patient, flexible and accommodating of my son’s needs. Paul has a great teaching style and uses technology to make online lessons interactive and engaging. I’d highly recommend Paul as a tutor.

    Mr and Mrs Hill

    Year 5 son, GCSE Physics Tuition in Bristol
  • 1st October 2023
    My daughter has been having tuition with Karen for the last year. She enjoys her sessions and seems to be making good progress.

    Mrs Winslade

    Year 5 daughter, Primary Tuition in Whitstable
  • 30th September 2023
    I would recommend Alistair to any parent looking to improve their child’s performance in all areas. Alistair helped my son improve his Maths and move up to a higher set at school in a matter of two months! He goes the extra mile and will always help with anything. We feel very lucky to have such an intelligent and caring tutor.

    Mr Rai

    Year 5 son, Primary Tuition in High Wycombe
  • 30th September 2023
    I can highly recommend Emma. Our son was struggling with his maths, so we wanted to have a tutor before he moved to secondary. We had a weekly session booked, and Emma was fantastic with him, and he really enjoyed the sessions. His maths ability and confidence improved massively, and Emma’s sessions were fun, and she was able to support the learning he was doing in school. We would highly recommend her.

    Mrs OHara

    Year 6 son, Primary Tuition in Magor
  • 30th September 2023
    Joel was amazing with my son in sixth form. He took the time to understand the focus areas and ensured that no time was wasted. A big part of Joel’s approach included making sure that my son felt confident in what he was doing, and this made him more comfortable applying himself. Joel managed to get my son the geography grade he needed to get into university when it wasn’t looking likely after his mocks. Thanks so much!

    Mrs T

    Year 13 son, A-Level Geography (OCR) Tuition in Drayton
  • 29th September 2023
    Dr. Simmons has been very good and excellent in engaging my daughter right from the onset. My daughter feels motivated prior to her lessons, which is great to note and observe. The lessons seem to be very focused on working towards the set goals. We continue to look forward to this level of engagement.

    Dr Williams

    Year 11 daughter, GCSE Maths (AQA) Tuition in Brentwood
  • 29th September 2023
    How to describe Suzie? We'd have to say like an auntie that can teach. Suzie has a calm, patient, inventive approach to teaching. She had our twin boys running into lessons throughout year five! Suzie could share the good days with the bad in a positive manner. Always finding solutions to problems, rewarding success in a way the whole family could embrace to keep continuity at school and home. We still keep in touch because it's easy to talk to an auntie that can teach...

    Mrs Mandy G

    Year 6 boys, Primary Tuition in Sleaford
  • 29th September 2023
    SH is an inspiration for our children and a godsend for us. The difference we can see in all three children after just five weeks is marked. We are very grateful for her teaching skills and SEN experience and we know that we are in safe hands.

    Mrs Bruce Mrs Parker and Mrs Hussain

    Group or three Year 4 children, Primary and SEN Tuition in Chester
  • 28th September 2023
    Mrs H has been fantastic ever since her first point of contact. My 11-year-old son has had around 6 sessions to date which he has absolutely loved. We have already seen an improvement in his work and his confidence in his core subjects. I must add, that Sarah manages to combine her very bubbly character with a relaxed professional approach which really works for us all.

    Mr Ronald M

    Year 6 son, Primary Tuition in Bristol
  • 28th September 2023
    Hafeez was a great teacher who helped me through my son's GCSE. He supported him outside of lessons, too and I could easily contact him for any queries. I would definitely recommend him to other parents.

    Mr Karam

    Year 11 son, GCSE Maths (Edexcel) Tuition in London
  • 28th September 2023
    Becky provided additional 11+ tutoring for our son, specifically in Maths, because he was struggling. There was a significant improvement in his confidence, approach and ability, which was noted by his teacher at a parent’s evening. We are pleased to say he passed the 11+, and to our surprise, Maths was his highest-scoring area. On a personal level, Becky made the tutoring sessions enjoyable. Our son always looked forward to them.

    Mrs Radleigh

    Year 6 son, 11+ Tuition in Tonbridge
  • 27th September 2023
    Mrs Meade is a great tutor highly recommend her, she has many years of teaching experience which shows and she really helped my daughter with her English. This has given my daughter the little confidence that she needed.

    Mr Ahmed

    Year 8 daughter, KS3 English Language Tuition in Cardiff
  • 27th September 2023
    Benjamin is a fantastic tutor who has really helped my son in Maths and English. He is fun and engaging and keeps the sessions lively and informative. Liam has really improved in school with the tutoring, and I would recommend Benjamin to anyone.

    Mrs Paterson

    Year 5 son, Primary Tuition in Alcester
  • 26th September 2023
    TB has tutored our son for his 11+. She has been patient and kind, and he approached the exams with confidence. I would highly recommend her.

    Mrs Howard

    Year 6 son, 11+ Tuition in Nottingham
  • 26th September 2023
    Describing Deb’s ability as an educator in psychology commends only superlatives. Her impact on my son’s education, knowledge and confidence is priceless. She didn’t just teach, but guided him successfully through moments of extreme exam pressure. She is extremely professional, very well prepared, always finds the path that suits the student when they find things challenging and she is very warm and kind with her tutees. She is my number one recommendation.

    Mrs Lord

    Year 13 son, A-level Psychology (OCR) Tuition in Nuneaton
  • 25th September 2023
    Sarah has a natural talent for meeting children at their level, putting them at ease and explaining tricky concepts in a way that demystifies them. Most importantly, my daughter loves the sessions!

    Mrs Loxton

    Year 5 daughter, 11+ Tuition in Bristol
  • 25th September 2023
    Rachel, you have really embraced the role and been a tremendous asset to us, an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Mr and Mrs Kennedy

    Year 11 son, GCSE Engish Language and Literature (AQA) Tuition in London
  • 25th September 2023
    Suzie has been tutoring my 7-year-old for several months, and I can’t recommend highly enough. Not only has his English and maths improved, but his confidence has, too. Suzie adapts her teaching style to my son's mood and really manages to connect with him every week.

    Mrs Meluissa H

    Year 2 son, Primary Tuition in Sleaford
  • 23rd September 2023
    Sarah is an excellent tutor (and a truly lovely person). Her lessons are well prepared and she's superb at engaging our daughter and getting the best out of her. We were apprehensive our daughter wouldn't engage with online lessons, but Sarah has made them fun, interesting and immersive. Our daughter is always excited to see Sarah!

    Mrs Miller

    Year 5 daughter, School Entrance Exam Tuition in Bristol
  • 23rd September 2023
    Could not recommend enough! Suzie motivated and reassured our son throughout the entire 11-plus process. And results were outstanding.

    Mrs Hussain

    Year 6 son, 11+ Tuition in Sleaford
  • 23rd September 2023
    We are pleased with this group arrangement to provide that extra support and polish for our ambitious children. After two lessons, the feedback is positive, and our daughters already think very highly of Mr DT, who is experienced, organised and demanding.

    Dr Khan Mrs Hussain and Mrs Cooke

    Group or three Year 13 students, A-Level Chmistry (OCR) Tuition in Northampton
  • 22nd September 2023
    Helen has been amazing, my daughter has been 100% engaged with the tutoring process and this is no doubt down to Helen approach. In a short space of time she has assessed my daughter's education level and identified key area to work on. Both my daughter and I find her easy to work with and the pace she has set is challenging but achievable. We are very fortunate to have found her!

    Miss Hamilton-Crooks

    Year 4 daughter, School Entrance Exams Tuition in Goring
  • 22nd September 2023
    Teaching, coaching and guiding are basics of teaching. But transforming a student is next level. I write this as a proud parent whose son chose business studies at the end of first term in GCSE, warned to be below standard and advised to take foundation exam by the school has now ended up with Grade 8. This transformation happened only bcoz of Ms. Begum. Her method of teaching, spotting the gaps in my son’s knowledge, identifying his weak areas (writing answers appropriately for the marks and managing time) and make work to get over those were all simply superb. We feel a great sense of gratitude towards Ms. Begum for her efforts and making my son achieve a good milestone. Thanks a lot Ms. Begum. Praying to almighty to bless you with good health and long life do you can keep transforming more young lives.

    Mr Kanagaraj

    Year 11 son, GCSE Business (Edexcel) Tuition in Burnham
  • 21st September 2023
    I highly recommend Claire. She taught my son History GCSE for a year and he managed to get an A. She is very professional, friendly and very approachable. My son loved the lessons with her and when he asked for extra help and resources she was always very supportive.

    Mrs Pappa

    Year 11 son, GCSE History (AQA) Tuition in Sheffield
  • 21st September 2023
    We are delighted with this set up and our two boys are improving in skills and confidence. Mrs L is an excellent teacher for them and is making them work hard.

    Mrs Harries and Mrs Choudhary

    Group or two Year 11 students, GCSE English Language and Literature (AQA) Tuition in Ely
  • 20th September 2023
    Libby began giving our son extra tutoring in Y11 and for approximately one academic year. Though this was an hour of extra tuition once a week, mainly during term-time, our son found it very useful as this helped him improve from the region of grade 4s/5s in Y10 to 7-9s in Y11. It was very helpful in improving specific aspects of the subject which required more help. It also improved his confidence in the subject. The lessons were online but our son found them similar in quality to in-person lessons. There were a range of different activities, resources and homework. Libby came across, very organised, evident in term dates and times provided ahead of time and lesson plans for the lessons. She was also professional. I also received feeback, some by request and others from Libby's initiative. All in all, I would recommend Libby as a good French tutor if you're looking for tutoring for your child.

    Mrs Wright

    Year 11 son, GCE French (AQA) Tuition in Heckmondwike
  • 20th September 2023
    Benjamin is a brilliant teacher. Really does help you find the easier ways of trying to work out a question. Sent up small weekly tasks which are brilliant even if you work full time. I would recommend Benjamin to anyone who is sitting maths. Absolutely brilliant.

    Mrs Baldock

    Adult Learner, GCSE Maths (AQA) Tuition in Worcester
  • 20th September 2023
    We are delighted with our new 11+ teacher and the very positive response from our children.

    Dr Avery Mr Qureshi and Mrs Wells

    Group or three Year 4 children, 11+ Tuition in Canterbury
  • 19th September 2023
    Bernadette is amazing and very supportive. He helped my son with his GCSE Maths. She is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend her.

    Mrs Pappa

    Year 11 son, GCSE Maths (Edexcel) Tuition in Sheffield

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