How do I know if my child should sit the 11 plus?

The decision to sit the 11 plus exam is usually made by the parent in consultation with the child's school. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Location: The 11-plus only applies to areas with selective schools. Check to see if it is relevant in your area.
  2. Ability: If your child is academically gifted and consistently performs well in their studies, they may be a good candidate for the 11 plus.
  3. Interest: This could be a good opportunity if your child is interested in pursuing a more challenging education.
  4. School preference: If you are considering private schools or selective schools, it may be necessary for your child to sit the 11-plus exam.

Having an open conversation with your child and their teacher is important to determine if the 11 plus is a suitable option for them.

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