The decision to hire a tutor for your child is a thoughtful one that many discerning parents in the UK contemplate. While the school system plays a vital role in a child's education, there are circumstances where the personalised support of a tutor can make a significant difference in their academic journey.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider hiring a private tutor for your child:

1. Give your child a personalised learning experience

Each child has a different learning style and different needs. With an average UK classroom holding approximately 30+ students with a wide range of different learning needs and capabilities, personalised attention from a class teacher to individual pupils is difficult to achieve.

A private tutor brings the benefit of a child learning at their own rate and in the comfort of their own home.

A private tutor will also not teach a prescribed lesson but will shape their teaching and the specific lesson to your child. Your child will co-create their learning experience and feel much more involved in the process.

2. Your child can pay more attention to mastering the basics

Most children who struggle in their advanced schoolwork did not fully grasp the basics during their earlier years. Hiring a tutor can ensure your child can fill learning gaps and build a strong foundation.

A good tutor will help your child master the basics of complex subjects and have a fuller understanding of more advanced material.

 3. Your child will learn more in less time

Your child has a unique learning style. Some children are auditory learners, while others are visual or hands-on learners. Teachers in the classroom try to create lessons covering all learning types to ensure no child is left behind. However, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for all children.

An experienced tutor can make learning more effective by teaching your child in their preferred style.

Read more about your child’s learning styles here.

4. A tutor will provide academic rigour and discipline

It can be very difficult for a parent to play the role of teacher and try to support and nag their child to do their homework. A tutor is more easily able to bring a sense of discipline and routine to your child, and your child will be responsible and accountable to them.

5. Your child will develop a passion for learning

When your child struggles with a subject at school, they will begin to think that they are not intelligent, and their confidence in their ability to learn and achieve their goals starts to weaken. As children are often defensive, your child may not want to ask you for help and may merely resign themselves to their fate.

Before your child becomes too disheartened, you can reinforce positive aspects of learning by hiring a tutor. When your child improves and achieves their academic goals, they will begin to love learning, and their self-confidence and esteem will increase.

6. Your child can be honest about their weaknesses

Your child may be too shy to ask questions in class. Although they may need help, they might be worried about asking their teacher in front of their peers

If you hire a tutor, your child can be honest about where they are struggling. A tutor can help your child feel comfortable around a complex subject and boost your child's self-esteem.

7. Provide high-quality education for your child

A private school can be expensive, and private tutoring is a relatively cheaper alternative. Your child can learn at a time and place convenient for both. The sessions can be flexible in terms of timing. Your child can also pursue educational routes not traditionally available at school. They can go above and beyond their school curriculum with less time or effort from your side.

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