Tutors for primary children provide personalised academic support to help children achieve their academic goals. They typically work with children in one-on-one or small group settings to identify areas where they may be struggling, and develop strategies to help them improve.

Some common tasks that tutors for primary children may perform include:

  • Helping children with their homework and reviewing class material
  • Developing study plans and organisational skills to improve time management and study habits
  • Teaching foundational skills such as phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, writing, and basic maths concepts
  • Assessing the child's progress and adjusting the tutoring plan as necessary
  • Providing feedback and encouragement to build the child's confidence and motivation

Tutors for primary children may also specialise in specific subject areas, such as science, languages or IT, and work with children who have specific learning needs or disabilities (SEN). They may work in private practice or be employed by schools, or other educational organisations.

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