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Enhanced DBS
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Graduate Teachers Training Programme (2002). MA Counselling Psychology, Bombay University (1994). BA Counselling Psychology, Sophia College (1992). All Natasha's 2019 GCSE students achieved As and Bs.

About me

Qualified and experienced teacher supporting Psychology, Sociology, English, Maths, Science and Primary Tuition, currently working as a tutor; also an Educational Psychologist. Teaches Psychology and Sociology from GCSE/IGCSE through to A level; English, Maths and all Sciences through to GCSE/IGCSE. Provides preparation for 7+. 11+. 13+, 16+ for Grammar and Independent School Entrance Examinations. Significant experience working with dyslexic children, underachievers, emotionally vulnerable, gifted and talented, and learning disabilities.

Subjects offered

Subject and level Price (Face-to-face) Price (Online)
SATs Key Stage 1 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SATs Key Stage 2 £46.00ph £40.00ph
SEN Experienced £46.00ph £40.00ph
SEN Very experienced £48.00ph £42.00ph
SEN SENCO £48.00ph £42.00ph
11+ 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
13+ 13+ £50.00ph £44.00ph
English Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
English GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Maths Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Maths GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Science Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Science GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Biology Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Biology GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Chemistry Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Chemistry GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Language GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
English Literature GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Physics Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Physics GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Psychology GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Psychology A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
School Entrance Exams 11+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
School Entrance Exams 13+ £48.00ph £42.00ph
Sociology GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph
Sociology A-Level £50.00ph £44.00ph
Study Skills Key Stage 3 £46.00ph £40.00ph
Study Skills GCSE £48.00ph £42.00ph

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