How do I know if a tutor is good?

Does my child need a tutor?
How can a slow learner learn fast?
How can a weak student be improved?
How do I help my child catch up in school?
How do I know if my child needs a tutor?
How do you help a struggling student in the classroom?
How do you motivate a lazy child in school?
How do you teach a child that doesn't want to learn?
Should I get my child a tutor?
Should I hire a tutor for my child?
Should I tutor my child?
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What Does a Tutor Do?
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Why do children need tutoring?

How do I know if a tutor is good?

Here are some common signs that a tutor may be good:

  1. Qualifications: Check if the tutor has a relevant degree or professional experience in the subject they are tutoring.
  2. Positive Feedback: Look for positive reviews or testimonials from past students or clients. This can give you an idea of the tutor’s teaching style and effectiveness.
  3. Communication skills: A good tutor should be able to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. They should also be able to adjust their teaching style to meet the needs of each student.
  4. Engagement and Encouragement: A good tutor should be able to keep students engaged and motivated throughout their lessons. They should also be able to encourage and support their students.
  5. Results: A good tutor should be able to demonstrate positive results in the student’s academic progress.
  6. Availability: A good tutor should be flexible and accommodate the student’s schedule. They should also be able to provide additional resources and support outside of the tutoring sessions.
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What families

  • 26th September 2023
    TB has tutored our son for his 11+. She has been patient and kind, and he approached the exams with confidence. I would highly recommend her.

    Mrs Howard

    Year 6 son, 11+ Tuition in Nottingham
  • 26th September 2023
    Describing Deb’s ability as an educator in psychology commends only superlatives. Her impact on my son’s education, knowledge and confidence is priceless. She didn’t just teach, but guided him successfully through moments of extreme exam pressure. She is extremely professional, very well prepared, always finds the path that suits the student when they find things challenging and she is very warm and kind with her tutees. She is my number one recommendation.

    Mrs Lord

    Year 13 son, A-level Psychology (OCR) Tuition in Nuneaton
  • 25th September 2023
    Sarah has a natural talent for meeting children at their level, putting them at ease and explaining tricky concepts in a way that demystifies them. Most importantly, my daughter loves the sessions!

    Mrs Loxton

    Year 5 daughter, 11+ Tuition in Bristol
  • 25th September 2023
    Rachel, you have really embraced the role and been a tremendous asset to us, an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Mr and Mrs Kennedy

    Year 11 son, GCSE Engish Language and Literature (AQA) Tuition in London
  • 25th September 2023
    Suzie has been tutoring my 7-year-old for several months, and I can’t recommend highly enough. Not only has his English and maths improved, but his confidence has, too. Suzie adapts her teaching style to my son's mood and really manages to connect with him every week.

    Mrs Meluissa H

    Year 2 son, Primary Tuition in Sleaford
  • 23rd September 2023
    Sarah is an excellent tutor (and a truly lovely person). Her lessons are well prepared and she's superb at engaging our daughter and getting the best out of her. We were apprehensive our daughter wouldn't engage with online lessons, but Sarah has made them fun, interesting and immersive. Our daughter is always excited to see Sarah!

    Mrs Miller

    Year 5 daughter, School Entrance Exam Tuition in Bristol
  • 23rd September 2023
    Could not recommend enough! Suzie motivated and reassured our son throughout the entire 11-plus process. And results were outstanding.

    Mrs Hussain

    Year 6 son, 11+ Tuition in Sleaford
  • 23rd September 2023
    We are pleased with this group arrangement to provide that extra support and polish for our ambitious children. After two lessons, the feedback is positive, and our daughters already think very highly of Mr DT, who is experienced, organised and demanding.

    Dr Khan Mrs Hussain and Mrs Cooke

    Group or three Year 13 students, A-Level Chmistry (OCR) Tuition in Northampton
  • 22nd September 2023
    Helen has been amazing, my daughter has been 100% engaged with the tutoring process and this is no doubt down to Helen approach. In a short space of time she has assessed my daughter's education level and identified key area to work on. Both my daughter and I find her easy to work with and the pace she has set is challenging but achievable. We are very fortunate to have found her!

    Miss Hamilton-Crooks

    Year 4 daughter, School Entrance Exams Tuition in Goring
  • 22nd September 2023
    Teaching, coaching and guiding are basics of teaching. But transforming a student is next level. I write this as a proud parent whose son chose business studies at the end of first term in GCSE, warned to be below standard and advised to take foundation exam by the school has now ended up with Grade 8. This transformation happened only bcoz of Ms. Begum. Her method of teaching, spotting the gaps in my son’s knowledge, identifying his weak areas (writing answers appropriately for the marks and managing time) and make work to get over those were all simply superb. We feel a great sense of gratitude towards Ms. Begum for her efforts and making my son achieve a good milestone. Thanks a lot Ms. Begum. Praying to almighty to bless you with good health and long life do you can keep transforming more young lives.

    Mr Kanagaraj

    Year 11 son, GCSE Business (Edexcel) Tuition in Burnham
  • 21st September 2023
    I highly recommend Claire. She taught my son History GCSE for a year and he managed to get an A. She is very professional, friendly and very approachable. My son loved the lessons with her and when he asked for extra help and resources she was always very supportive.

    Mrs Pappa

    Year 11 son, GCSE History (AQA) Tuition in Sheffield
  • 21st September 2023
    We are delighted with this set up and our two boys are improving in skills and confidence. Mrs L is an excellent teacher for them and is making them work hard.

    Mrs Harries and Mrs Choudhary

    Group or two Year 11 students, GCSE English Language and Literature (AQA) Tuition in Ely
  • 20th September 2023
    Libby began giving our son extra tutoring in Y11 and for approximately one academic year. Though this was an hour of extra tuition once a week, mainly during term-time, our son found it very useful as this helped him improve from the region of grade 4s/5s in Y10 to 7-9s in Y11. It was very helpful in improving specific aspects of the subject which required more help. It also improved his confidence in the subject. The lessons were online but our son found them similar in quality to in-person lessons. There were a range of different activities, resources and homework. Libby came across, very organised, evident in term dates and times provided ahead of time and lesson plans for the lessons. She was also professional. I also received feeback, some by request and others from Libby's initiative. All in all, I would recommend Libby as a good French tutor if you're looking for tutoring for your child.

    Mrs Wright

    Year 11 son, GCE French (AQA) Tuition in Heckmondwike
  • 20th September 2023
    Benjamin is a brilliant teacher. Really does help you find the easier ways of trying to work out a question. Sent up small weekly tasks which are brilliant even if you work full time. I would recommend Benjamin to anyone who is sitting maths. Absolutely brilliant.

    Mrs Baldock

    Adult Learner, GCSE Maths (AQA) Tuition in Worcester
  • 20th September 2023
    We are delighted with our new 11+ teacher and the very positive response from our children.

    Dr Avery Mr Qureshi and Mrs Wells

    Group or three Year 4 children, 11+ Tuition in Canterbury
  • 19th September 2023
    Bernadette is amazing and very supportive. He helped my son with his GCSE Maths. She is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend her.

    Mrs Pappa

    Year 11 son, GCSE Maths (Edexcel) Tuition in Sheffield
  • 19th September 2023
    My daughter has been seeing Mr Franklin for quite some time, having twice-weekly sessions. When he first started, she was scoring around 30% in her mental maths test at school and really struggled. Last week, she scored 90%. Mr Franklin has found out what my daughter's learning style is and tailored it to her needs - as a result, she has made unprecedented progress. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking, without a doubt.

    Mrs Brown-Hewitt

    Year 5 daughter, Maths Tuition in Canterbury
  • 19th September 2023
    Mrs D has tutored my daughters for three years. She is very intuitive with children and has an excellent ability to communicate and motivate. She is organised and structured but also fluid to help with girls' concerns regarding their schoolwork. I reached out to her because they were below where they should be for their age in some topics, which was affecting their confidence. They are now where they should be for their age and above in some subjects, which is evidence of her ability as a teacher. I would highly recommend her.

    Mrs Johnson

    Year 6 and Year 5 daughters, Primary Tuition in Warwick
  • 19th September 2023
    Patient and creative - highly recommended. Paul has been tutoring my 8-year-old son in Chinese for a few weeks now. It is not an easy job, and his approach has been creative, engaging and impressively patient. Paul has worked hard to establish a relationship and has used a range of different methods to keep my son’s interest. I would highly recommend Paul as a tutor.

    Mrs Burkinshaw

    Year 4 son, Chinese Tuition in Bristol
  • 19th September 2023
    Having experienced other tutors, we feel that we have "struck gold" with Mrs G. She creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere which promotes learning and has helped my son and his friend catch up. He is happy to attend and is much more confident in his learning in school.

    Mrs Hancock

    Group or two Year 4 children, Primary SEN Tuition in West Malling
  • 18th September 2023
    Sandra was my tutor (both in person and online) for around 6 months to help prepare me for my university speaking exams. She was warm, helpful and encouraging. She was not only instructive in correcting my grammar and pronunciation but she also boosted my confidence in speaking, which was my main goal. She was an incredible tutor, who made learning and speaking languages less nerve-wracking and more fun!

    Miss Kalisperas

    Adult Learner, German Language Tuition in London
  • 18th September 2023
    Libby tutored my daughter before her GCSEs, and I can't recommend her highly enough! She is very professional to deal with, knowledgeable about the subject and a great teacher, as well as patient and supportive to the student. She calmly encouraged S, and gave her a boost of confidence and skills, which helped her to gain excellent GCSE results. We are so grateful for her and would definitely recommend her to others.

    Mrs Wright

    Year 11 daughter, GCSE French (Edexcel) Tuition in Sheffield
  • 18th September 2023
    Anvita is very easy to talk to and patient in responses to my son’s questions; the sessions give him time to clarify any areas of maths he is struggling with. My son said that the sessions were very helpful with revisiting topics from school and will definitely improve his grades long term.

    Mrs House

    Year 9 son, Maths Tuition in Oxford
  • 18th September 2023
    Tina worked with our son Hamish from primary school year four to year six, during which time Hamish not only improved measurably in his reading, English and mathematics but also grew in self-confidence. Hamish improved on all levels from starting out as ‘emerging’ to obtaining ‘expected’ grades in his SATs. Tina supported us in diagnosing Hamish’s dyslexia, and her patient but professional and persistent approach was definitely the key to his improvement, particularly given the disruption at school as a result of the Covid pandemic. I would be very happy to recommend Tina to others looking for additional support for their children.

    Mr Labouda

    Year 6 son, Primary Tuition in Chipping Norton
  • 16th September 2023
    Francis is a highly productive tutor and got my 12 year-old boy on the right track after tremendous efforts. My son has been learning pretty much within a very short period of time. We hope to come back to him as soon as possible after a break.

    Mrs Barton

    Year 8 son, 13+ School Entrance Exam Tuition in Llanfyllin
  • 16th September 2023
    We found her very friendly and supportive. Well organised and knowledgeable, not only in economics but general academic advice. Great support to my son in his A-Level Economics. I would highly recommend it and have no issues with asking Afiya again to support him if we had to do it again.

    Mrs Schofield

    Year 13 son, A-Level Economics (OCR) Tuition in Bromley
  • 16th September 2023
    Excellent, so much so that we have added two more children to the group. Our 11+ teacher is first-rate and knows everything. She is completely organised and our children look forward to the lessons. It is just like having our own Mary Poppins.

    Mrs Larkin 3 families

    Group of four Year 5 children, 11+ Tuition in Cheltenham
  • 15th September 2023
    Marco is a very experienced and encouraging teacher. He is very patient and includes interesting information about Italy and Italian culture. Marco puts you at your ease

    Mrs Jeffreys

    Adult Learner, Italian Language Tuition in Appleton
  • 15th September 2023
    Joanna has been an outstanding teacher for our son, who has special needs relating to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Her work and interventions have made a huge difference in the early stages of his development and education (ages 4 to 6). Our son was diagnosed with ASD during the COVID-19 lockdown, during a time when it was difficult to get help from the usual channels. Joanna engaged with our school and provided information to the Council, making it possible for our voices to be heard. She quickly developed a bond and found ways to communicate with and help our son, making a positive difference at home and at school. We recommend Joanna very highly, both as a teacher and a specialist for children with special needs.

    Mr Fox

    Year 2 son, SEN Tuition in March
  • 15th September 2023
    Our daughter and her three school friends are enjoying this very much. They are all very bright girls, capable and keen to do well. Their new 11+ teacher, Annabelle, is first-class - very experienced, organised, and knowledgable. Thank you for everything.

    Mrs Smythe Mrs Bablake Mrs Dickson and Mr Ashraf

    Group or four Year 5 girls, 11+ Tuition in Kent
  • 14th September 2023
    Mrs Fotopoulou has given our daughter much more confidence in her sciences and Jodie is getting alot out of the tutor sessions. We are very happy with the homework being set and the lessons.

    Mr Healy

    Year 11 daughter, GCSE Triple Science (Edexcel) Tuition in Reading
  • 14th September 2023
    I highly recommend Mrs Wilson. She had been teaching my child (Nathan) for a few months. I can see his performance has improved, and he is getting more confident in solving maths problems. I am impressed. Thanks, Joanna, for all your effort and time.

    Mr Bhoopelly

    Year 5 son, School Entrance Exams Tuition in Darlington
  • 13th September 2023
    Lynda has been my Latin tutor for about two years. To begin with, I was studying Latin out of interest, but Lynda encouraged me to aim for a GCSE, which I am pleased to say, with her help, I achieved this summer, getting a high grade despite being well into my seventies! Lynda is an excellent tutor. She has a life-time’s experience both as a teacher and examiner in classics. She makes learning Latin interesting while at the same time laying the foundations for a good qualification.

    Revd Dr Yates

    Adult Learner, GCSE Latin (OCR) Tuition in Barnsley
  • 13th September 2023
    Ben taught my daughter through her A Levels (she ended up with an A*), and we couldn't recommend him more highly. He was very supportive throughout the process and gave excellent practical advice covering both on technique and the application of the mark scheme.

    Mrs Cramb

    Year 13 daughter, A-Level English Literature (AQA) Tuition in Harpenden
  • 12th September 2023
    Andy built a good rapport with my child, increasing her interest in science and its application in the real world. Her final GCSE result far exceeded her predicted grade directly due to Andy's support.

    Mrs Pani

    Year 11 daughter, GCES Triple Science (AQA) Tuition in Bristol
  • 12th September 2023
    Great! Paul has been providing private maths sessions to help my son gain confidence and prepare for his GCSEs. My son has ADHD and dyslexia, and he has found Paul to be very patient and work at his own pace throughout his lessons. I would highly recommend.

    Mrs Lynch

    Year 10 son, GCSE Maths (Edexcel) Tuition in Woodgreen

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